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April Elizabeth Rose Preston:

I'm the sort of person that has to die young

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25 April
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My name is April I have A Simon Pegg problem

I like public peeing, I cry alot, I hate most people but if I don't he you will you feed me food? I like good musik, I "dig" Adam Buxton, I hate Bo Selecta, I like cats, I dislike dawgs. I love having my spine licked, I probably hate you. I Love Beck Hansen and his tambournes! (check my memorys if you are silly and don't know what i'm talking about)
...Oh and thats not all... I hate fixing my typos.

Stuff I want

I run the Lee and Herring commuinty i_hate_hens - Join! Go on, you know you want to...

... I like 80's pop andI am a HUGE fan of Le Smiths, louis theroux, Simon Pegg is (myne) "fit" and Manchester music is great. I also like talking crap french.

Simon Pegg is sex fried gold.
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I go to aquinas college studying Media, Dance, Performing arts, Art and Design. I like to dance, sing, act and paint. Alas, not all at the same time though because that would be rather odd.

I want to live in Tokyo and start my fem-pop-synth-art band there...

I Like: Simon pegg, Brasseye, flamingos, Morrissey, Tokoyo, cats, Whiskey, Kathleen Hanna, making things, Jarvis Cocker, Spaced, Chris Morris, Le tigre, Violent Femmes, and Peep show

I dislike: Porn, guerkins, dogs, Adverts, vegetarians that eat fish, sexism and crabs...

Urm, I cannot be botherd typing anymore...

Although this picture is funny

As is this...


Kathleen Hanna is feminist love

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Date Created:2003-11-27
Number of Posts: 351

chico_mi_tipo is a young pink crazy girl, she likes to take photos, paint, dance, sing and shout. She somtimes dance around in her room in underwear thinking of a MR Simon Pegg. She likes to get funky. But hates most people that offer.
Strengths: Easy to please, Artistic, A romantic, Fun-loving, has a pirate for a boyfriend which always helps matters.
Weaknesses: The jealous type, owns an Ipod, Critical, Very emotional and Has no soul. Loaths the general public.
Special Skills: Flexible, can drink alot,
Weapons: Loud voice, Killer heels, Finepix digital camrea, and violent hip movements
Aims in life: To marry Simon Pegg, Own an art gallery, create a synth fem band where I am singer and art director, make money for charities.

Other wants: Pink universe, cocktail glasses to become the norm, and everything to be photogenic.

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"Consistency Is Victory" - Ultra Magnus

I'm in love with flamingos... Deal with it.

This link is for me untill my comp is on the line. "Soz": http://www.fabricattic.com/nostalgi.htm

15 stories high, 24, 24 hour party people, a clockwork orange, acting, adam and joe, adult swim, air, alan partridge, andy warhol, ani difranco, aphex twin, armando iannucci, babycham, badges, battle royale, beaches, bears in baby clothes, beck, being veggie, belle and sebastian, beta band, big train, bikini kill, bill hicks, bis, black books, brass eye, but i'm a cheerleader, cats, charity shops, chris morris, chris morris' jam, cindy sherman, cinnamon, cocktails, courtney taylor-taylor, cups of tea, curb your enthusiasm, dating a pirate, dressing-up, dylan moran, eddie izzard, edgar wright, elastica, eyeliner, family guy, father ted, feminism, fight club, fist of fun, flamingos!, french knickers, garbage, george harrison, gravy train!!!!, hair slides, homestar runner, iain mather, independent films, japanese culture, joy division, julie ruin, kait0, kathleen hanna, kenickie, kes, kim deal, ladytron, le tigre, league of gentlemen, lee and herring, leon, look-around-you-series-one, louis theroux, making things, manchester, miss kitin, morrissey, neil buchanan, new order, old-le-tigre, omg vintage clothing!, omgrobotz!!!112, painting, patti smith, peep show, peter baynham, photography, piney gir, pixies, playing bass, powerpuff girls, pro choice, pulp, pulp fiction, quantum leap, quentin tarantino, radiohead, rainbowz!!1, reservoir dogs, richard herring, shaun of the dead, simon pegg, sleater-kinney, sonic youth, sophie calle, spaced, spanking, stanley kubrick, star wars, stewart lee, talking heads, taxi driver, teen hunger force, the actor kevin eldon, the band lamb, the beatles, the breeders, the cornerhouse cinema, the cure, the curious orange, the dandy warhols, the day today, the fake rod hull, the league of gentlemen, the office, the pixies, the shins, the slits, the smiths, the specials, the velvet underground, tim bisley, tin-robots, tranformers, vintage shoes, violent femmes, vodka, wes anderson, writing, zombies