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Tuesday, August 2nd, 2005
7:00 pm
prilbot = Moi

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6:05 pm

current mood: Oh Mem Gee!!

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Monday, August 1st, 2005
5:36 pm
handsome devil
You're "Handsome Devil"! A little B-side
that turned out to be one of The Smiths' best
songs, you thrash around naughtily and act like
sex on wheels.

Which Smiths Song Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

I had my first day. I don't think like it TOO MUCH as it's full of the kind of people I take joy in disliking. But then again, I get tax free wages. April wins?

But yes, after spending 3 hours sleeping and the rest crying or being scared I think I did ok, but yes I only have the one ulcer. Waiting for boy to pick me off this office chair and to carry me home over his shoulder. I wish it was Friday night again.
I had a lovely time, me and Mather-boy got back into our pirate costumes, drank Goldshlager and listened to Pulp. I pretended to be a "Piratewench" and he kept talking about compasses and ship-monkeys, it was wonderful and I love being with him, still. usualy I get bored or upset, but no. I really like the boy and I am going to look after him for as long as I can. We are different with eachother, every aspect of this relationship is better than ethier of us of had before, which astounds me. As after Andy I don't think it could get any better. But yes. Conversation, The SAME interests, sex, event he way I sleep at night has dramaticly improved and we are both happy with it, I wish I could just be this logical when getting upset over matters. But nice people like Vic and Janie have told me to keep my head up and not let it get to me as me and boy are good together and "then the people have won" in making us unhappy. I am not sure I see it like that as I would like to belive people aren't THAT vindictive. But I just don't know anymore. but yes, the moral of my story is kids, "WHOA! I am ever so glad I took this risk! It has certaintly paid off". I can't wait till my "special" party only Mel/dave and boy know knows what i'm talking about. But yes, I am proud of us. Jeez, I do write quite alot of boy-spam don't I? It's just I like talking about it for the following reasons.

1) I still can't belive it.
2) It helps me reflect.
3) I like to talk about it as people did or may still think we were a "fling", which is the untrue.
4) WHOA!

Shit... ok I shall shut up now. Anyone want to get heads to gether and make dresses and the like on my day off? Knit anyone? I am in a creative mood, mood being the past ever...

Boy ist here.
"I'm going now! BYE!"

current mood: tired

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Friday, July 29th, 2005
7:26 pm
Sorry to post again. But I was just told that Iain looks like Beck. April 1 - Everyone else 0

current mood: happy

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6:59 pm - Literal post. No pictures, for once.
So yeah, last night. Boy was VERY tired so no dacning for him, although I think I did enough for the both of us. As I was pregnaught but, with movemtn, ok that "metaphore" worked about as much as I wanted it to.

I have an Emily cat coat, I can't take it off.

Wednesday I got a bit Courtney Love and went out of control. I was in a BAAAAAAAAAAAAD state, I told boy we were on a small break thing as I was confused. This ended last night. w00t. MThe hangover didn't. I think my drinking tolerence has suceeded how much money I actually have this resulted me i being, ... SOBER? At KF! I was confused and slept like a baby. I was quite hyper last night. I sWord'd people I didn't know on the dancefloor. And people I did know. Ok I sWord'd very montherfucker, two girls tried attacking with straws. I kicked thier asses. But then felt sorry for them, I allowed them to "cut my arm off" and then my leg, I ended up dancing to Shampoo hopping on one leg and one arm hid behind my back. I enjoyed acting like a murder, it was fun.

Nothing bad happened last night. Infact my lezzer sister friend Clare spoke to someone I thought hated me and was making bad things happen, apprently she doesn't. I think things are getting better. Maybe the mixture of my paranioa and "stuff" is whats making me go mad, not just the situation, if that made ANY sense to you please tell me what you think. I spend so much time anaylizing everything I just confuse myself further. I need some lovely friend logic, apply within.
I like Iain, alot.

CLare your boy is nice SHUT UP! (Lets have sex! Sisterly sex)

How was your day/night/KF?

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5:52 pm - Phanta/James's birfday/Stuff/Shoes/PirateKF


current mood: teh head ache

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Thursday, July 28th, 2005
5:35 pm
This song is VERY good. I have only got around to listening to "The Woods" as I am still very much in my Talking Heads phase. But yes, this song is wonderful and is on repeat, if you don't have any of "The Woods" yet download this song. It is wonderful. I wish people played SK songs like this when out, I also really like "Words and guitar" at the moment. Yes I should listen to lots of Sleater-kinney again.

Yesterday I ate cheesy mash, I accidentally made it like my father, it reminded me of him, and no. It didn't make me sad. It made me happy that I had a father I loved and he did me. I remember him with fondness. I guess I am quite lucky that I had a family. Yes... So!

Who is playing out with me tomorrow as I forget? I will be making cocktails and ether homemade veggie hot pot or, handmade pizzas.
ALSO! What are you guys wearing, I woke up and felt "hella nervous" about my pirate costume, and I may not wear it.

I think I have also figured out why "social things" aren't improving quicker than collectively desired.

current mood: hungry

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Wednesday, July 27th, 2005
10:52 pm - I'm on "Frienster", which is odd...
it was the sort of thing I hated, so why in gods name have I joined? Oh yes. That's right, pure bordem. Testimonals would be "ghetto", I guess? Yes. Maybe I shouldn't have one...

Anyone want to humour me I am "Prilbot" and I have pictures of my mum, cake and boy on there...

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4:14 pm - No... I didn't

So yeah... Last night was "Female Trouble" a place where I can wear a dress and take my knitting with me to watch films, with cheap £5 wine, martini glasses and LUCKY STRIKE!
SO yes; I saw "Hegwig and the angry inch" finally, it was lovely. I couldn't make a lot of the animation out as I didn't bring my glasses, but yes. I enjoyed it.          
     So yeah, I didn't end up so drunk and dazed I ended up in 5th Ave. No, didn’t flick ash at people hoping to get into a fight for some reason, didn't cheat at pool, I also didn't have carry boy home as he ended up throwing up in the Retro bar as I fed him too much booze

So yeah, I also never woke up too drunk and didn't go to my Art interview and watch taped big brother, whoever would do that is just incredibly sad although it would have involved Miffy pyjamas and my horny cat.

…However I did receive my "Pirate Wench" costume yesterday, I am worried as my bottom is a little on show. I created some glittery hot pants saying "Climb aboard" to help with my bottom conundrum. So yes people should come out to help cover my limbs and such. Please do. April bums are odd.

Today I very much wish I was back there. I have also not been dancing in the flat with my cat to "Soul sucking Jerk a lot, no.

To killingfantasy here is the flyer


News just in: I have just been informed that I have accidentally sent "naughty messages" to the wrong person. I feel a little embarrassed.

current mood: tired

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Tuesday, July 26th, 2005
11:29 am - Has the Perrier gone to my head?
So today was SUPPOSED to be my first day at work, but alas no, someone messed up. To cut A LONG story short I start next week, but not to fail kids, as I was paid for today’s mess up and my training is now being cut down to size. In to the Come.

This weekend was enjoyable. I drank continuingly which made me feel tired and cranky, but I had the most wonder day with boy yesterday, went to town had a chat with Mrs Ann Summers and made him a BIG tea. Veggie spag bol, with rosé wine with LOTS of CHEESE! I love cheese, yum yum. I have also tried to learn how to knit, from a book. One word: Ouch. I have cute kitty knitting needles that are for children but evidently, none of the skills. I really want to knit boy a tank top, as well as join this lesbian vegan/veggie Manchester knitting circle. We want to combine and have their knitting nights at one of mine, which I think is a wonderful idea if I do say so myself. So urm... Yeah. MEL TEACH ME HOW TO KNIT!!!

I also went to Lelia's party where my breasts were too exposed in a lovely pink dress. I remembered why I stopped wearing it. Apparently old men were staring, I got very paranoid and ending up talking to a man how liked Teen Girl Squad and robot-comic-things. I think I have drunkenly made him come to KF as he also digs pirates. Bless. Speaking of which I am about to pick my costume, I paid far too much for it considering me and boy are renting a house, not a flat this week (hopefully). But my favourite fact about the costume in question is that was entitled "pirate wench". It still gives me a chuckle. It's not a "naughty, naughty" costume. It’s just a bit silly. I REALLY want a sailor costume; I like being a sailor more than a pirate. Mow. Today I am making my "Climb Aboard" hot pants for under the costume, they won't be seen (fingers crossed), I guess this depends on how much I drink, oh lordy dicks! April + Drunk = OH NOES!
But yes, I like pirate sex euphemisms. Alot.
Anyone want to accompany me or dress up like a pirate gimmie a call. I need things to do for a week as my job-training is silly. Oh, just remembered Vic told me to put this Email address up for people who want my position as many people are in need of jobs so here you go... lmoran@allegisgroup.co.uk
That email address is for an agency, not NTL directly but they just check you out to see if you are on the crack. The first interview is simple, just filling in forms, the second is less easy but "doable", I mean I did it and i'm a bit of a failure really.

So yes, how is everybody else's lives going? Know I have found out Pegg is married my day has got 2922939820% worse, it's odd as I was saying only yesturday that "I bet Pegg gets married to that Maureen lady, he can do better, I hope he doesn't". Blah, ok April stop talking about Pegg, April also stop talking in 3rd person. Do something PRO-DUCT-IVE!

Ciao. Lady cats.

current mood: okay

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11:22 am - OH NOES!
Simon & Maureen marry!
"On Saturday, 23 July, Simon Pegg got married to Maureen McCann in Scotland. We, at Peggster[dot]net, have set up an online wedding guestbook for everyone to post their own messages."

current mood: NOOOOOOOOOO! Theaprilissad.com

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Sunday, July 24th, 2005
7:31 pm - I guess, Yeah.. Too much time on my hands... SHUUUD UP!

current mood: I like his hands.

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6:16 pm - Like, whoa!
Oh yeah and I REALLY want/need this.

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Saturday, July 23rd, 2005
5:34 pm - Warning: the following entry is VERY "gay".


Today I am Flamingo'd up. Me and boy went to awfully trendy Disbury, I ordered us to go to Avid, we are quite hung over from the party last night but the words "closing", "Down" and "sale" gave me a reason to live again. We purchased 2 gifts for our new house. 2 plastic flamingos called "Tim" and "Daisy" and a string of flamingo fairy lights for all my, ahem, our cocktail party needs... Coindently I received my flamingo fabric from Ebay today also, oh ebay! How much I adore thee... I have got lots of things very cheap from there recently; A signed photo of Simon Pegg 99p, a robot £5.40 inc postage as well as a pirate costume for this weeks KF, but no, that wasn't THAT cheap. But it is "hella" fit.

The fast few days, well Thursday night I felt VERY down, crying lots over the current social situation with me and my boy. Silly phone calls and hearing tings about what people were doing made me freak out. ALOT. I didn't realize that people could be so mean over an already sour situation. I can honestly say, upon my father's name I haven't done anything to "stir things up" I want them over with. I can put my hand on my heart completely and say that I have never meant to cause offence, looking back there were things I could of done differently but the things is, everything I do gets speculated on either way, i.e. "April, you and Iain aren't getting in touch with people", we then take this advice and do it, then, "April, why are you talking to people, just leave it". I have been accused of "stirring up the past" that was NEVER my intention, as I don't like what has been done ether. My intention was just to make this horrid situation a tad more positive. Iain and me get on with each other so well; 9 times out of ten it confuses us. I didn't realize how good relationships can be, I don't have to try hard, moan, or even at times talk, he completely understands me, and he also feels the same. This is wonderful. We are not together to cause a fuss. Infact many a time I wish we never met each other, as I wouldn’t get upset at times and I couldn't therefore miss him. But, that’s a silly way of thinking as I have him and love him all the much, today has been such a wonderful day, and! It's going to get better. Hurrah! April 1 Depression 0 

Yes, so Thursday. I . Felt. Awful. I was ready to give up. Then Iain hugged me alot to teh Warhols which reminded me ever so much of ye olde times. It was lovely, another thing which made it super lovely was that we saw "Dig!" that day... But, then, I woke up. I felt disgusted with myself, kept thinking about stuff, and wanted to curl up. Then I realized I had a job interview that day, I kept crying as I didn't really even want to go outside, everytime I thought about being out of the safe lovely blanket it made me sad. I stayed in bed, texting people. Hoping someone, somewhere would give me advice, alas it seems everyone is confused as I am and collectively said that the situation is a silly one and I shouldn't let it get me down as "they have won". Well, I don't think I agree with the latter part but I thought "fuck it!" jumped out of bed before I could stop myself with my own anxiety, put my "interview clothes on", fed le tigre (pixie-cat) and ran out of the door. I made it. The interview went perfectly. I was actually quite surprised in how well I managed to pull this "yes Miss NTL, I DO know what I’m talking about, and no I don't spend my days watching Cash in the attic". I wondered outside to get a phone call from Nick. I love Nick ever so much. He also told me not to get myself down over it as he also thinks it is silly. We chatted, he made me smile lots and we even spoke about him moving into the new house with boy and me. That would be nice. Although I wouldn't have my own painting space. But Nick is very good.

Before I even got on my bus I got a phone call, I got the job. Apparently they were VERY pleased with my interview and want me aboard ASAP. I had a lovely day. I felt great. So yeah. I have learnt not to let myself get so down over these things as I can (evidently) do more than I thought I could. I would also like to say thank you to anyone and everyone who texted me to see if I was ok or just to cheer me up, at the time it may not seem like it but I really do appreciate (Apriliecate) it. So yes, you rawk.

Anyone coming to Leila's birthday party today? I feel very happy, you should. Also killingfantasy, where are you meeting us. </span>



current mood: Happy, like a flamingo

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Thursday, July 21st, 2005
5:37 pm
My new background wins.

current mood: Win.

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4:51 pm

You know when you're buying too many things in charity shops when you find a skirt you like, then realize that it was you that donated it.

I got another robot today, it was quite expensive. Looking back on it I shouldn't of got it. As it didn't come with box and is small. Because of the "no box" packaging I don't know the name of this small tin red fellow. How will I sex it? How will it get married and defend our planet with lots of smaller tin childbots?

Anywho... Herring, didn't happen, It's my fault really as I didn't get in touch with promotions manger in time. But, ho-hum, Mr Lee is playing soon. I will try and get an interview.
In this episode "Interview" is a euphemism for "taking off your clothes".

I like his smooth velvety voice. Yum.

Anywho. I am looking for all things sailor, eyepatch, pirate, sWord and yes. I am excited. I like to dress up. I want this. Its a tad expensive but what do we think? But I think I like this one better. Hmm....

I am tired. Very tired. I made myself walk in town in my high heels without moaning or taking them off. Carrying a pair of flip flops just in case my feet expolded. None of these happened. Maybe i'm finally getting the hang of this who girl thing. Hmm.. How is everyone?

Oh and...

mathewboring, do you remember what you said at Vic's? Send!</span> SEND! SEND!!

current mood: tired

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2:56 pm - Wish I could afford it

HaWt: . Job soon! Hurrah!


current mood: bored

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2:02 pm - Wake up young young lovers, the whole thing is over...
So apprently another bomb is going to or has gone off... Shit. I still bet we have done more in Baghad, but ho-hum.

Today saw April "ring" shopping, apprently I have VERY small fingers. Smaller than I thought. I found very pretty ones. I felt one step closer to being a complete girl. Then one of my best friends from high school poped in and she asked why rings and so on, this resulted into both of us jumping up and down whilst the sales assistant waited. the sales Assistant "Jade" and I spoke about gold. I went on to say I dislike it. She was, as every good sales person would compliment every ring I picked out. Then saying, "yeah, gold can go out fashion soon anywayz". I love Stockport.

I also went to Farmfoods as they had a sale on veggie fod and turkish delight ice creams, like WHOA, double fitZ! I asked the man where the veggie section was, he grunted softly "Over there, next to the 2 for £2 sign", pointing that seemed so lazy I forgot that I even exsisited for a brief second. It took me 20mins to find it, then finally a mish mash of yes, veggie items but next to bloody sausgaes. I really love Stockport

Tomorrow I have job interview, I am through to second process, apprently. I have to get to Heald Green, meh.

But to celebrate I have new stockings as my cat thinks my legs aer big monsters that need to ne scratched as much as possible.

Today I have been in Stockport, ALtringham, Fallowfield, Sale, later I shall be going on a dayte with ean to see new batman flim (finally). jeez, I hope I can make it, maybe a Subway is in order? I will end uop faling flat on my face, well on a Subway cookie, but, that is actally my best chat up line. What is yours?

current mood: tired

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1:29 pm - A bit sick, if you ask me.
"Even if they are a bit expensive, once you've bought one, you no longer have to worry about labor costs. There's no bother with absenteeism or days off for periods, either,"

current mood: listless

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Tuesday, July 19th, 2005
3:35 pm
Oh and i'm interviewing Sleater-kinney on the phone tomorrow. If you have any questions for them, please comment.

current mood: Still sad.

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